Dungeon Mastering

Playing Dungeons & Dragons with your friends is some of the most fun you can have, but where to start? Even if you buy and read all the books, the hobby can seem daunting for beginners.

That’s where I come in! I’m an experienced roleplayer and Dungeon Master, with a passion for introducing new players to the game. As an improviser and actor, I love playing different characters. Every Non-player Character (NPC) you meet in the game will be designed and voiced by me. These fully-rounded characters exist in their own world, and will react realistically to whatever you throw at them, helping you and your friends fully immerse yourselves in the fantasy world of D&D!

I’ve developed a system for giving newbies like you all the tools they need to dive headlong into their first adventure. Grab some friends and meet me online, I’ll take care of the rest! Here’s how it works.

Session Zero

Before we start the game proper, I like to get everyone on the same page with what’s called a “session zero”. Here we’ll determine everyone’s expectations for the game, along with any boundaries you might have. I’ll give you a primer on the rules, help you create your characters, and get a clear idea of the type of adventure that we’ll be creating together. Here’s an outline of how that works:

  1. First, I’ll explain how the game works, and more importantly, how it can work for you. Some people love immersing themselves in their character, others prefer optimising stats and leaving their fate up to the dice. There’s no right or wrong way to play, so I’ll help you figure out how to maximise your fun as a group.
  2. Character creation! Whether you see yourself as a chivalrous Elven Knight or a brooding Dragonborn Sorcerer, there are plenty of options to suit anyone’s needs. We’ll determine what everyone’s role should be in the party, crafting a rich backstory and motivation for every character, which I’ll weave into the adventure.
  3. Next, we’ll decide what type of adventure you’d like to play. The options are literally endless! From the traditional hack-n-slash dungeon crawl to a roleplay-heavy campaign of political intrigue and subterfuge, there really is something there for everyone. Maybe you see yourselves as a band of scurvy pirates, looting and pillaging on the high sees, or as a faction of righteous heroes, roaming the known world, deposing despots and meting out justice wherever you see fit. Whatever you preference, this is your game, and I’m here to make it work for you.
  4. Let’s play! To close out our session zero, I’ll run a brief encounter where everyone takes control of their character and is faced with a roleplaying challenge. Whether this involves combat is entirely up to you! In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, diplomacy is often the best option, but sometimes actions speak louder than words!

Session One

Next, we’ll meet for a longer session, usually around three hours. This is where the fun really begins! Armed only with your character sheets, some dice and your wits, I’ll drop you into a fantasy playground and guide you through your first session.